Romancing with Life


Hi friends. My name is Gaurav.  I am new to this platform (blogger).  I am an undergraduate who write poetry and stories in free time. Quoting a line from one of my story to define myself,

‘I am a romantic guy romancing with life always. Living freely as I wish, blowing like wind,  flowing as a fish.’

I write about love, humanity, youth &, spirituality mainly. Apart from short stories and poetry, I have also tried my hand on writing few articles.

So presenting you one of my poem in this first post.

Courtesy: Storymirror

“Love Dale”

Someone in my street,

so gorgeous, so sweet.

Don’t know how to meet?,

still I want to greet.

Emotions of my heart

reflecting through my eyes,

O GOD! please help me

to meet my beguiles.

A smile on her face

makes my heart crash;

her beauty, her grace

I do always praise.

How wonderful she is,

I can’t make u explain?

Her arrival is like a rainbow

comes after showering rain.

Between her two friends

she was looking like an angel;

to whom I was searching,

tis my Dreamgirl.

Glossary: 1. beguiles-loved one,  2. tis- it is or this is.

Thanks for reading.

Jai Swaminarayan

Your friend
Gaurav S Kaintura


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