Here is a short story written by me few months ago. It dwells on about the story of a boy Swami who falls in love with a cute girl. What happens ahead for that you have to read it completely. So welcome to the Mutual Love.Story begins here-

I love a girl with black eyes, straight nose, pink lips & a beautiful smile. I told Narayan.’Are you serious?’, he asked me smilingly. Yes. I too smiled. Before he asks me, who is she, where you met her?I told him everything.

She was the prettiest girl in my Maths coaching class. I observed her grace on the second day at the coaching because she was observing me on the first day, i guess. I had sitten in the front row on the very first day.
As the days increased my attraction towards her increased, & at nights my slumber lowered.
It was not the love at first sight exactly. First i liked her, then felt something special for her & at the end i was in the world of love. During lectures, my eyes used to take care of both the things:
i) notes on the white board
ii) and absolutely her.

‘But the problem is that i don’t know if she likes me or not?’, i said to Narayan.
‘No man thats not the problem, the main problem is, she shouldn’t be the same girl. No she couldn’t’. Last three words he said partly to himself.
‘What are you talking about? And what does the same girl mean?’, i sensed some serious problem.
Then he told me that when he was in the same coaching a year back, he too liked a girl.
And what if she would be the same girl?
‘It can’t be possible’, i assured myself.
‘It shouldn’t be possible’, said Narayan.
Do you know her name? He asked me.
‘No’, i said.
‘What’s name of your love?’, i asked him.
‘Akansha’ he said & smiled. He told me how he used to follow her sometime. ‘I still meet her sometime’, he then explained to me that how a day before he saw her in the autostand when he was coming for the school.
Saying thus he lost in her sweet memories & i was crossfingered, thinking in myself, ‘she’s different, mine is different, they can’t be the same’.
Narayan was my friend since class 2 & now we were in Inter. We had a lot of things common between us. Our thinking, our ideas, our likes dislikes, all were nearly same. But we had a few differences too. He was a commerce student, i was a science one. His Maths was not good at all, & i was topper in Maths only.
But inspite of all this he was more than a brother to me.


Next day when i reached coaching in the evening i was very desperate to know the truth.
She entered the class as an angel. She had worn a sky blue top along with the jeans.
Today my mind was not foccussed on the lecture at all.
At the end of the class, i caught Rohan, as he was the only one who knew about the Narayan’s choice. I asked him,’ who is she’, he looked at me in confused manner. ‘ I mean, who is Narayan’s love among these’, i cleared myself.
” Oh! that one in the blue top”, i looked there to check as if someone else also wore a blue top. But no, it was she. I cursed my self & banged my fist on the wall.

Next day it was hard to face Narayan & tell him the truth. But i couldn’t lose my best friend for my immature love. I went straight to him in the lunch period.
‘Bro, there is a bad news’, I said. He looked at my face seriously as if he understood what i meant to say.
‘She is the same, we like a common girl’, i said in despair & waited for him to say.
‘She’s your love now’, he said. I wondered on what he was saying. ‘Mine was past, she is your present’, said Narayan as if he had prepared these lines before. How could he forgot his love for me? I thought in my mind.
I thanked him & hugged him. He was my best friend ever. ‘Hey bro, go ahead, its your time, go & confess her’, he said.
Hmm, i said & smiled.
My heart was lightened after talking with Narayan, he was such a nice friend. And now i knew her name, “Akansha”. Such a beautiful name for the pretty girl.


One day i saw her at Badarpur Bus stand. She was in her school uniform talking with her friends. I was in the bus going to my school but i wanted to jump off the door & meet her there.
I had a loving heart but a mind too, working properly, so i didn’t. After that i saw her a few more times there at Badarpur Border but she was always with her one or two friends atleast. I wanted to talk & tell her that how much i adore her. Daily i got the habit to peep out of the bus window at Badarpur to see if she’s there or not.
At the coaching, she was beauty queen, in school uniform she was simple being & in my dreams she was my princess.

One day i saw a dream. I was with her in a beautiful garden. She was smiling. We were happy in each others’ company. Then we stood up & started running away, holding each other hands away, far away from this world.
May such dreams come true some day. In real i was a lover but not the bold type.

Whenever i thought to confess her, my heart beats raced like a heart patient & i would stop.
It was my last day at coaching. I had decided to quit it as our syllabus was complete. I had prepared myself for the last time to say her that ‘i love you’.

The class began as usual. She entered the class with her million dollar smile. She had worn a red cardigan with black jeans. For a moment, i forgot everything & lost in her. I wanted to capture her image in my mind forever. But she took her seat & broke my staring.
Sir called off the class at 6pm. She stood up from the chair, me too. I didn’t want to loose this opportunity & wanted to stop her. But suddenly a surge of fear passed through my body.
‘What if she rejects my proposal’, ‘it’s okay i would accept that sincerely’, my heart replied.
‘What if she slap me in front of the class & complained to the sir’, ‘no she can’t be so rude’, my heart answered again.

‘Let’s go bro, don’t you have to go’? Suddenly a hand came over my shoulder & i woke up from my mind. It was Rohan my friend. Before i realised i lost my final chance, all had been gone. I returned my home with heavy heart.
After our 12th results were out i had gone to cafe to fill engineering entrances form with my friend.
On the roadside, i saw my photo in our coaching poster along with other students as i had scored 95 marks in Maths. I tried to find her picture, but it wasn’t there.
I never met her again after that last day.
But i hope that one day sometime, she will read this story. And then i might get the answer to my question.
I love you still.
‘Do you love me’?

written by
Gaurav S Kaintura


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