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It was 5pm in my watch when i reached Parakhal. Sun was making an easy departure behind the hills. I was alone & little bit tired, but it was my decision to watch my village so i was wandering. I was in my village (Tehri Garhwal) for my summer vacation. And really i was enjoying the beauty of hills & nature.
I had visited all the sides & corners and stepped more ahead. I enjoyed fresh ridges, long pine & deodar trees, large green hills, & big rocky mountains.
But most mystic & beautiful thing i found in hills was silence, no traffic jams, no honking, no class lectures, nothing only silence.
So i reached Parakhal. It was the name of the place as i read out from the stone-board.
Later i knew about it that it means – Supreme Haven.
‘Para’ derived from the Sanskrit word Param & ‘Khal’ – a regional word meaning place.
As i moved further in the dense part, i was intrigued by a human voice, it was not a normal tone, so i went ahead in search of the speaker. As i moved closer, that voice seemed more clear to me, ‘ live your life to the fullest, leave everything on God‘, & other such words resonated in my ears.
Then i got a clear view. There was an ascetic & some ten to fifteen people surrounding him. I could assume a saint at such top place in the hills but why so many people?
They were listening to him with rapt attention. I too sat in the queue. He (the ascetic) noticed me & smiled, i didn’t respond.
The saint continued with his preach……

‘Why are you running’?
Why are you anxious’?
‘What are you waiting for’?

Happiness… Ah! its a never ending race then. Man works all his life for happiness, he earns money, do various luxurious things, only for the happiness. But there it is not.
Have you got it? Are you happy now?
No. Then you have wasted most important years of your life.
Human straggles all his life for happiness like a deer in the desert searching a pond or lake to quench his thirst with little amount of water. That deer trapped by the total internal reflection of the sky on desert, sees blue. He sees blue large river, full of fresh, juicy water. But he is trapped. When he goes near & more closer, he annoys at the sight of same desert. We “intelligent humans” know that its mirage but that poor deer doesn’t know about it. He doesn’t know what’s mirage & what’s total internal reflection. So after some time, he sees another lake of water & thus implicated again in the same trap.
He madly search to & fro for the water but he never gets it, because it doesn’t exist there.
That’s why, that’s why you are not happy. It was the long answer of your short question.
Human is also like that deer who is in this desert (world).
Human – the greatest creature of God, most intelligent in all beings thus implicates in the same trap. He tries to find happiness, but it’s not there. He tries to accumulate various things money, fame, luxuries, etc, to become happy but when he possesses it all, consumes it all finds nothing, finds no happiness in it.

Because it’s the mirage (same mirage), but here reason is different not the total internal reflection. He is being trapped again & again & ends his life. He is still in confusion (before his death) that there is happiness & i will get it after my demise. So, he dreams about heaven & others such imagination & tries to purify his deeds.
Yes purify. Because we think that our karmas (deeds) are like water which can be purified any time. We say, ‘i have bathed in Ganga, now i am pure’. ‘I want to visit all pilgrims so i could book my ticket to heaven after my death’. But instead of purifying yourself, lets try to authenticize yourself first.
Instead of saying, ‘ i’m pure’, try to say, ‘ i am authentic’, ‘i am real’ first. Because here comes answer to your next question.
‘ Is there no happiness in this world’? No, happiness is not a product you can purchase from the market & yes it doesn’t exist in this world. But it exists.
It exists in your soul,
which you cover up with greed, fakism, terror, corruption. Try to clean these things first.
Happiness comes with realness, authenticity. I live a genuine life. I play my part (role) naturally.
Life is like a cinema. We play our parts for it. So we have to play it genuinely, naturally so it remains alive, alive in the heart of posterity & time. But we are characters not the director, so don’t manipulate your life, just live it with best possible ways. There is a difference in the real cinema & our life and that is, in the cinema we have to act according to our characters, we have to act with specific part that is given to us, according to the story. You know what’s exactly you have to do in the real cinema, you know your role, you know the story & script in advance.
But in our life, we don’t know what’s in our part. What’s the proper story? What character we have to play? And irony is, we get that story when our role is ended (after our demise).

Then God says, i wanted this from you but you have done that. And if you played your character well, then He (God) would say that you have done it great-fully, what i had expected from you.
So don’t crave for happiness in this materialistic world. Feel it in your inner soul, you can feel it when you are genuine.
Hear the voice of God, and listen to your heart,
you know that ‘i am doing my best’. “

The saint stopped. He closed his eyes & so others. I too closed mine.
” Aum…”, he repeated it thrice & then signaled us to leave. People got up from their place & started going back to their home in silence. I looked at the face of ascetic. It was shining with a specific grace. His eyes were still closed. He wore just a saffron clad & nothing more. It was hard to assume his age but he looked very young around twenty six.
I too stood up to return my home. I asked one or two persons who looked like villagers about the ascetic. But they only said, ‘he is a great soul , living here from three months’.

I felt relaxed & refreshing. I liked the concept of happiness in our own soul.


‘Happiness – a trip to the soul,’ i thought in my mind & moved towards my village.

Thanks For Reading

Happy New Year To All.

I Hope & Pray That You All Remain Happy Ahead.

Gaurav S Kaintura


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