‘He will come to your village.

Yes He will come,’ saying thus He disappeared.

Young Devidan woke up from his dream. On the outside, the temple priest had awaken and  he just started singing;

‘He Dukh-Bhanjan Maruti-Nandan,

Sun Lo Meri Pukar

Pawan-Sut Vinti Vaarambar’.

‘Was it true?’ Devidan asked himself.

‘Was it real?’

He again recalled those words which he had heard correctly in his dream.

‘He will come for sure. Seek refuse at His feet. He will come to your village.

Yes He will come.’

Yesterday when he had gone to Sankalesheswar Mahadev Temple as usual, his father was not with him. His father – Jijibhai was out in the town. He went alone to the Temple and performed abhishek of Lord Shiva. Folding  both of his hands he had wished for the liberation from Lord.

And in the early morning next day, Lord Shiva appeared in his dream. He blessed Devidan and said him that Supreme Lord Narayan would come to their village in the human form. And He will show His divine nature.

‘Is it possible?’

‘Supreme Lord will come to my village – my village Balol.’ A sea of happiness filled his heart. He was just five years old then. But after this event , he was fully transformed.

He started waiting for the Supreme Personality.  History never repeats. But here it took the form as earlier. Thousand of years ago, Shabri was also blessed with same boon. Her guru Matang Rishi had told her, ‘Lord Ram will visit your home. Seek refuse at his feet.’ From the day onwards, Shabri earnestly waited for her Ram. She daily collected fresh gooseberries for the Lord to offer him. She daily swept her home and cleaned it properly.

Shabri was an old lady near her death. But her devotion to God was astonishing.

Devidan was just five years old. Born on 9 November 1802. He was devoted to God from his early childhood. He had full belief in Lord Shiva’s words.

It happened so once that Lord Swaminarayan visited Balol after performing a large yagna in Jetalpur. All village folks rushed around His bullock-cart to meet Him. They insisted Him to stay over, but Maharaj was in hurry. So, a devotee brought milk-porridge in a bowl and offered it to Lord Swaminarayan. To fulfil the wish of all the devotees, Maharaj soon began eating the porridge. His feet were dangling to the ground. As He ate, streams of milk trickled to His elbows. So Maharaj leaned over & licked the streams with his tongue from His elbow to the hand.

Devidan was also in the crowd. When he saw this, he was surprised. Because it is just impossible to touch your tongue to the elbow. And here Maharaj was doing this like a little kid enjoying the porridge fully.

Suddenly Maharaj’s eyes fell on this little boy who was watching him intently. Later, Devidan told Him his wish to travel with Him. Maharaj asked Devidan to first take permission from his parents. His parents gave him the permission. And soon Devidan joined Shriji Maharaj with Him.

After few years, Maharaj initiated him as a Sadhu and gave him the name Devanand Swami. Devanand Swami learned poetry (Pingal- art of constructing proses) and music from Brahmanand Swami.


He was a perfect celibate, and fully detached from this world. After serving as a head of the Muli Temple for many years, Devanand Swami returned to Akshardham on  29 August 1853.

In one of his bhajan, he describes his association with God. He explains that God had removed all his pains.

Enjoy The Bhajan Here:

Darad Mitaya Mera Dil Ka

Mohe Ausadh Amrut Paya Re

Darad Mitaya

Vaid Mila Braj-Raj Vihari

Naadi Dekhan Aaya

Gyan-Dhyan Ki Goli Re Dinhi

Ranch Na Rog Rihaya Re

Gaya Rog Man Bhaya Nirogi

Dil Giridhar Darshaya

Hari-Krushna Parbrahma Puratan

Bhav Sahit Man Bhaya Re

Mithya-Vishaya Ka Daath Manorath

Mool Bharam Samjhaya

Janma Maran Ka Jhagda Re Chhutya

Antar Alakh Likhaya Re

Yog, Bhakti, Vairaag, Tyag Ka

Chooran Chaar Banaya

Devanand Kahe Daya Kari Hari

Chir-Hari Aap Bataya Re

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Happy Sakranti

Jai Swaminarayan

Gaurav S Kaintura

14 Jan 2017