Falling Down In Love – Valentine Special

Valentine Day marks as a love anniversary for beautiful couples. It rekindles the faith and belief in pure and true love. True Love which is the rarest thing in this materialistic world. But I have seen few couples who might be regarded as beautiful. So this poem of mine is for them. Respect the love you have and decorate your life with it.

Falling Down In Love

I’m falling down,
Falling down in love;
In love with you,
With you falling down.

A bond of love,
Of love that is;
That is simple pure,
Simply pure you say.

No walls of ego,
Of ego that breaks;
That breaks the love,
The love so pure.

Relation jingles,
Jingles song of love;
Of love that grow up,
Grow up more & more.

You are there.
Are there you are?
You are here,
Here in my heart.

Few lovely words
Words unspoken;
Unspoken but conveyed,
Conveyed through eyes.

My wish may last,
Last wish may be;
Be to be yours,
Yours to be.

Decades passed
Passed as single day;
Day that starts with you,
With you it turns grey.

No one is better,
Better than you;
You are my better half;
Better I love you.

– Gaurav S Kaintura



Happy Valentine’s Day

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