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Shubham was the first person in my hostel I could say as my best friend. He was very kind and benevolent in nature. But it was not just his kind and lovely attitude that proved him to be a nice guy. I saw his mobile wallpaper once and there was a nice smiling picture of his grandmother there. It seemed very genuine to me. When other boys of his age had beautiful models and Hollywood actresses adoring their expensive smartphones, it was his natural love for his granny that drew me closer to him.

I met him first time in our initial days in college. We used to sit next to each other in Electronics classes. And probably he was the only guy who used to laugh on my silly jokes during classroom lectures. But later I changed my branch from Electrical to Computer Science; so we were no longer classmates. But friendship was still there. So that evening I was walking with him in our university campus. As we left the hockey ground; I saw her. The same passer by girl. She was again carrying few books. But she was in a Scooty with her friend. I tried to read the title of any of the book but Shubham was watching me so I diverted my attention from her to him.

We were out for just a simple walk. Our first sessional exams were soon to begin in a week. For us it was not sessionals but sensational exams. Because we were about to give our first exam in an engineering college. So I was discussing about it with Shubham when she came out in between from somewhere.

One morning, I woke up early as usual at 5 am and went for the morning walk in our campus. I made it a habit to walk in the university campus from 6:20 in the morning to 7:00. There was something fresh about Haridwar which was much different from Delhi. Its air, plants, trees, rivers, everything was exhilarating. I used to daily collect few flowers from our university garden for my daily worship to God. Pink, White, Red Roses. Marigold. Every morning was beautiful.


I started jogging from the hockey ground to the Dayanand ground. Both sides of the road were covered with guava, mango and Asoka trees. As I reached the big entrance gate of our university; there were cows. Yes, milking cows. And people were standing in a line to buy the milk. Nearby people, I guessed. But then I spotted her. She was standing ahead first in the queue with a milk vessel in her hand. I stopped and looked at her and then in a sudden, she moved back and looked at me. I was standing 12 meters far away from her. But I was sure that she identified me. Because she blushed instantly and looked ahead. I thought to wait for her. I decided to talk with her. And I felt a sudden urge to call her. But I didn’t, instead I acted like a tired boy and waited for her to come aside.

She filled the vessel with milk and looked back again. I felt she was disappointed to find me still there. But now I looked at her fully. She was wearing a green shirt and black trousers. Her face was same as it was printed back in my mind from the first day. Beautiful. And her hairs were dark black tied in a beautiful knot and dangling to her waist. Her height was an inch shorter than me and I imagined that we would be perfect couple. She came then just in front of me and I was still analyzing her. Engineer’s mind. But she broke my trance and looked at me directly. Then she said.



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