A New Friendship


I replied to her.

She gave me a soft smile and started walking away with slow steps. I followed left to her and said, ‘I am Gaurav.’ She stopped just to look at me again. ‘B.Tech?,’ she asked me and started her walk without knowing my answer. ‘Yes. First year.’ I said. Then I asked her hesitantly, ‘Your name?’

‘Pia,’ she said. What a beautiful name, I thought. We walked few more steps in awkward silence and then I said , ‘I am so sorry.’ She looked into my eyes and first time I blushed in the front of an unknown girl. ‘But why?’ She asked. ‘For that day, in the Sinhdwar market. I mistakenly bumped upon you,’ I said. Though I enjoyed that mistake later a little bit. I didn’t tell her about it. ‘No, it was my mistake. I was walking very fast without watching ahead,’ she said very simply. ‘Leave it. You apologized me that day, I said sorry to you today. Matter solved.’ I didn’t know how I said it. But it felt nice. ‘Hmm,’ she said.

‘Well what do you do?’ I asked her.

‘I am a milk-maid. I daily buy milk from here and distribute it in the whole locality.’ I looked at her seriously. Then she laughed out loudly. I too laughed and understood it was a joke. ‘I am doing my 12th standard with Arts,’ she said.


‘What do you do?’ She asked me.

‘Well I follow beautiful girls who daily go to buy milk in the early morning,’ I said and laughed more. We laughed for few more seconds and I told her that I am from Delhi and doing my engineering here. We talked a little more and then she told me that she had to go. Her house was just few yards away from the 7th gate of our university. I looked at her going away from my eyes and then I returned back to my hostel.

Our sessional exams were very easy but I didn’t top in any subject. My inborn talent to be a loser. Maximum students were nerd here. School toppers from different parts of India. So it was little hard to create the topmost niche here for self. Though I never believed in marks. But marks were most important here to get the hostel in second year. So I had to strive for it.

Next day, I reached the same place again – the milk dairy. Yes. She was there too. I saw her and she smiled. And it would be unfair if I don’t mention here that I had fallen for her smile. She came then in just few minutes and we started walking. ‘What’s in your hands?’ She asked me. ‘Oh these are the flowers.’I showed her pink, white roses. ‘I daily offer them to God during my morning puja.’ I said. She listened me intently and said, ‘So nice.’ The nature around us was very calm and peaceful. A soft wind was playing with her hairs. Sun was at its best to rise up high in the sky. Early morning birds were singing lovely poems while going to their daily occupation. Everything was beautiful. I looked at her and asked myself, ‘Isn’t she the same girl whom I had cherished in my dreams?’ She was the perfect example of God’s love towards us. Towards me. She was telling me about her school and I was listening to her like a small kid listens the bed-time tale from her mother.

‘Will you be my friend?’ I asked her.

She looked at me in such a beautiful manner that I asked her again before she answers, only for that one look.

‘Will you be my friend?’ I said and extended my hand for friendship. She smiled, then nodded yes and held my hand joyfully. That was just one moment and I became sure that this is the hand I would like to hold for forever. I took the milk vessel from her hands and we walked holding the hands of each other.


I dropped her on the gate no. 7. That day was one of the best day of my life. I went back to my hostel, bowed down to the murti of God and prayed for her.

‘O God! Bless Pia. Bless her with your profound love, kindness and care. She is a very nice girl. Never let her be unhappy and sad. I pray to you for her.

Jai Swaminarayan.’


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Gaurav S Kaintura


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