Teleported to 2050: What will Education look like – By Gaurav S Kaintura

Just a month ago, I had participated in an International Essay Competition held online on 10 Feb 2017. First time I was participating in such a competition of international level. So I had no experience. The topic of the contest was Teleported to 2050: What will Education look like? I wrote a simple 1000 words essay and submitted it on its site. When the result was announced for the winners, my name was no-where in the list. It was pretty obvious because:

  • I had no previous experience.
  • Its short word-limit was really challenging for me.
  • I wrote my essay in a fictional way due to its imagining content.
  • It was an International competition, and for me, who never got even first position in his class; it was pretty impossible.

But most important things I gained from it are:

  1. I got an insight to think about the possibilities of future.
  2. I got the experience. I learned something different as I had done few research for it.
  3. I am deeply motivated now to participate in other such competitions.
  4. I enjoyed the writing, my essay and the whole contest.

Though my essay didn’t maintain any position for first, second or third prize but it has made it’s official entry right here on my blog. So friends enjoy it here.

Teleported to 2050: What will Education look like?

I wake up from my bed and check my cell-phone. It shows,
‘8:20 AM 1 Jan 2050’
‘Oh my God, I have to attend a lecture at 8:30.’
I quickly fresh up and sit with my MacBook on the bed. I am a student of engineering but as an extra project on socialism, I have taken the issue of ‘Changes in Education and its role in society’ to submit . And today for the same project I have to attend a lecture of Prof. Kamlesh Mehta (a renowned educationalist) going on at Harvard University. I log on to the Harvard site and click on the live lecture option.
‘ ‘How would you define education?’
‘What is the ultimate goal of education?
& Does current education system is serving its purpose?’
From the eons, human civilization is trying to improve the living standard on earth. We are human and man is a social being. Apart from just basic needs of food, cloth and security; we need knowledge, skills and values to constantly grow and improve ourselves. Once we were monkeys then evolution took place and we adapted the new transformation and turned to early men. But you know why monkeys are still there around us? Because few of them accepted the change, others did not . Then from early men, we created societies. But you can still see few tribes living as early men in various parts of the world. I am just giving you an insight to check how the structure of education formed in its initial days.
Now, we are in 2050. You see, how we have evolved out of monkeys to the people now facilitating soon to live on the moon. US have started its massive project under NASA to create a human environment there. Soon in upcoming years we will be there, living a different life. Go back 30 years to 2020. Today we have thousands of choices to choose as a career option. Every career field is blooming nowadays because there is demand everywhere. Ask your parents, if they had found any option better than being doctor, engineer or chartered accountant at that time. As technology has advanced with time, different choices have emerged. See today, everybody has right to education. But 30 years ago, it was different . There used to be discrimination on the basis of gender, caste, nationality and even religion. But now, you know, a special report from UNO has declared that 95 percent of the world population is educated upto High School. It’s a very big thing. Everyone is literate today. Education around the world has changed surprisingly over the years. Once our education was limited to teach next generation on how to hunt animals for food and how to put on the fire? Then we formed the civilization and our knowledge expanded and when science and technology came to fore, everything changed.Today, we are self-learned intellectuals. We learn a lot on our own than what we study in a classroom.
So, Education is the process of transferring and adaptation of knowledge, values and skills presented in a well-mannered and systematic way.
Now, what kind of knowledge and values are needed to transfer?
Education explores the universe and human mind intricately. Through education in the world, we develop a high standard of life not just for ourselves but for every other creature also. And that is the ultimate goal of education. You know, what is the big difference between human beings and other creatures? We possess intellect but other creatures do not . We can be educated but other beings cannot . From times, our education system has changed a lot . From the early men age, we have come to a digital age where at a fingertip; we have the whole world with us. But I would also like to tell you that , processes change but principles remain same. Our education process has been changed but not the knowledge. Knowledge is always enhanced but never changed. Newton’s law of gravitation still acts on us equally and we still learn two plus two equals four. In current scenario of education system, we all are well educated, and technologically much advanced. So what should be the goal of education now? We have knowledge, skills. But somehow, we still lack on values. Nowadays we see that we have educated criminals, engineered terrorists. You think, that if they are educated how could be they criminals or terrorists? It looks weird, no? Leave that , look at an average person, means; we are so much self-centric in this educated era, so much selfish that we simply don’t care for others. We are continuously exploiting all the natural resources without thinking of posterity even once. For the first half of the 21st century, our focus was on that ‘each one should be educated’. But now our focus should be on values. Even world leaders have made a decision on it and they are finding ways to instill values in our current education system. They are working on sustainable development . Go your home and think about it . We still have to achieve our goals.
I would end now with this great quotation by Swami Vivekananda who said ‘Arise, awake and stop not till the goal is reached.
‘Thank you everyone.’’
With these words of Professor the lecture ends. Those words are still echoing in my ears. Arise, awake and stop not till the goal is reached. I keep mumbling those words when suddenly my friend Hari wakes me up.
‘Wake up bro; don’t you have to go college?’
I look at him blankly. I check my mobile phone to be surprised. It shows,
8:30 AM 9 Feb 2017
‘Means it was all just my dream,’ I say to myself.
Then I remember that I have to write an essay for a competition on the topic Teleported to 2050: What will education look like? I smile softly because I know that now it has been completed.
Written By: Gaurav S Kaintura

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