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Pujya Brahmvihari Swami speaking on the Attitude

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Positive Attitude For The Healthy Mind Part -1

In the divine presence of Bhagwan Swaminarayan. In the equally divine presence of Guruhari Pramukh Swami Maharaj. I first humbly bow down to all the enlightened Sadhus like Pujya Dayanand Saraswatiji, Pujya Shuddhanand Swamiji, Pujya Adhyatmanand Swamiji, Pujya Anubhavanand Swamiji. Some of them who have already and some who shall share their precious wisdom with you. They are much more enlightened than myself and I respect them really deeply. Secondly I also take this opportunity to congratulate the AMA (Ahmedabad Management Association) for their continued focus on Indian Wisdom. Because if we as Indians do not value the wisdom that we have; who will? So I congratulate the organizers from the depth of my heart. Thirdly, which I had not thought of saying but I do today; I also feel so uncomfortable with so many people standing and if you’re uncomfortable, I am so sorry that you have to stand today. Please forgive me.

The topic of my talk today is Positive Attitude For Healthy Mind.

Before we start talking about attitude, I believe all of us must understand, realize the need of a healthy mind. We talk about healthy mind. As Mukesh Bhai just did and we listened. But do we really believe that a healthy mind is really important than a healthy body. Unless we believe that health of the mind is more important than the health of the body. Nothing that I say will affect. It is very important.

Secondly when we look around in the world. If there are doctors present in this, please take it in a lightier way. When we look around in this world, we find out. Some people tell me that if you wake up in the morning from the right side of the bed and you are feeling perfectly fine; you are fresh and there is nothing wrong with you. Just go and visit your nearest doctor. He will make sure that he finds there are ten things wrong with you. Medical Science has advanced so much, not the fault of the doctors. Medical science has advanced so much that the doctors will tell you,’ Your blood count is low. Sugar is a bit high. The good cholesterol is bad. The bad is on verge.’ Then they will tell you that your bilirubin is off color. You say,’ Doc I can’t see.’ ‘Then you are colorblind.’ Ultimately the doctor says that. You say that,’ Doc I feel really fine. I feel fresh.’ ‘It’s an illusion. Wait, in about five years time you will be inflicted with such a disease.’ You say,’ Doc in five years time I will be inflicted with such a disease. What did I do wrong?’ He says,’ You did nothing wrong. You just had the wrong grandparents. It’s genetic disorder.’

What can you do – Mukesh Bhai? When you are not responsible for selecting your grandparents. What can you do with a disease like that? Except, change your attitude. There are things you can’t change. But there are things you can change. But I want to ask you that we do believe, we do believe that the health of the mind is important. But we don’t have that focus. Because you look at the medical world. You have medicines for the body. Creams. You have all the system. Diet for the body. Workouts. Gyms. Walks. Everything.

Whoever thought of taking your mind to a walk? We are thinkers. These are supposed to be thinkers of Ahmedabad who believe in spiritual wisdom. Have we designed a system that constantly evaluates, monitors and constantly nourishes the mind? If we haven’t done it that means our focus is not on mind at all. Its a concept which we don’t really believe in. Go a step further, look at the world we have created. I was just doing a simple analysis and I found out that there are more than 50 professions in medicine. More than 50 professions in medicine that just deal with the body. Cardiology. Neurology. Nephrology. Endocrinology. Then you get all, all sorts of people. There are more than 50 professions that deal with body and for the mind we have poor psychology and psychiatry. That means ours is a society that really doesn’t believe. I am sorry you selected a good topic. But ours is a society that really doesn’t believe that a healthy mind is more important than a healthy body. Once we start believing and really accepting that the health of the mind is as important as the health of the body, we will see a simple change. But that’s not your fault, or my fault or anybody’s fault. We cannot blame anybody. Remember we are talking about attitude. We cannot blame anybody and don’t delve into self pity. But the reason is very simple. Because the body is visible and physical; the mind is invisible and subtle. But I have come here to tell you that sometimes in life, things invisible are more important than things visible. Sometimes in life things invisible are more important than things visible. And you are witness. We see a beautiful building and we can’t see the foundations which are invisible. But the buildings stand because of the foundations. We constantly eat and drink. Food is important. Water is more important. But we can’t see air. Invisible air is more important than the visible food and water. We can go ahead and we find out that we can see planets, the earth, the solar system, galaxies but we can’t see the force of gravity that keeps everything in order. Sometimes in life things invisible are more important than things visible. Go a step ahead. We can see this wonderful, beautiful creation and don’t worry about it, if you can’t see the creator. Because invisible things are more important than things visible. Don’t insist on making God visible. Accept him. As you move ahead, you will find out that even now this is the big challenge for thinkers as well. I’m not just trying to protect religion or spirituality or the mind by saying because it’s invisible still accept it. I want to challenge and let you know that even the world of science. Think again. Even the world of science is founded on concepts which are invisible. Think about it. The buildings stand erect. Bridges are stable. Aeroplanes and rockets fly. Because you will tell me because of aeronautical engineers, structural engineers and civil engineers. They stand because of the calculations which are made by structural, aeronautical and civil engineers. Calculations are made in numbers. Mathematics. Now I ask you, the foundation of mathematics is one to nine and zero, numbers and the symbols of plus, minus, divide, multiplication, square root, whatever. Now I ask you, what are numbers? Has anybody seen 1? Has anybody seen 3? Who has seen 9? And who has seen 100? We haven’t seen numbers. Numbers are concepts in your mind. Who has seen plus? Find me one guy, even Einstein if he had seen divide or square root? They are all concepts which are invisible. But because science accepts this invisible concepts; the buildings stand, the bridges are stable and aeroplanes fly. Even science is founded on concepts invisible. Then why should we complain, when the world of the mind is founded on concepts invisible. The world of the mind, the health of the mind is dependent on the concepts which are totally invisible. Because there are the concepts of emotions, love, fear, sorrow, joy. Nobody sees love, fear. Nobody. But you can feel them. Secondly, the world of the mind is founded on concepts of values like truth. Did Gandhi see truth in physical form? No. But let me tell you, just as emotions are invisible they have the power to drive your mind. Just as values are invisible, they have the power to drive humanity. And similarly the concepts of philosophy and faith, spirituality are invisible but they have the power to chart the destiny of the entire mankind. They may be invisible but sometimes in life, invisible things are more important than things visible. I just want to ask you that if we believe that this invisible force of the mind, the health of the mind is very important; but the problem is,modern science is just beginning to scratch. Just beginning to scratch the surface of the mind. Don’t be fooled by all these researches coming on. ‘Oh we have penetrated so deep.’ No no no no no. Its just modern science of western world in just last hundred years that this whole idea of psychology and psychiatry was invented. And when it was invented even now some of the best psychiatrists say that when we talk about the mind. ‘When we talk about the mind.’ They say, ‘It is like a blind man, in a dark room, looking for a black cat that isn’t there.’ They say, ‘We try and search the innerts of the mind and we find out that you are looking for something you don’t know.’ You are a blind man looking for the things which are totally invisible. Very difficult. And that’s why I feel Indian wisdom is miles ahead. Around 5000 years ago, our saints and seers in the Vedas, the Upanishads, in Taiterreya Upanishad and in the great writings of our great historians. It is clearly explained what the mind is. The western world is just beginning to scratch. If there is any person, or any culture that could become, let’s say the four runner, the champion of the world of the mind and spirituality, it is India. Because, we have not only analyzed the mind. We have said, ‘Oh you talk about the mind.’ The Rishis say, ‘I will describe the four functions of mind.’ Forget about giving just names or titles. They say that mind operates in four ways. Very important. They say, ‘man, budhhi, chitt, ahamkar.’ These are the four functions of the mind to keep the mind healthy. Man, Budhhi, Chitt, Ahamkar. They say, ‘What does it do?’ ‘Man does Sankalp.’ The function of the mind that does the thinking and inspiration is known as the Man. Budhhi is not just intellect. Budhhi, see if you are passing by a bazaar and you are hungry and suddenly you feel; I don’t have money, I want to steal that banana. The mind will think and you have the freedom to think, not the freedom to steal. The mind will think that, ‘Okay I will take that banana; I will do this this this.’ But the Budhhi stops it. Budhhi sees that there are hundred thoughts that mind thinks. The Budhhi has the power and stamina to select and discriminate the right thoughts, i.e., Budhhi. You know, guy who just picks out all the thoughts that he gets; we say, ‘He doesn’t have Budhhi’ (Yane budhhi nathe). Wisdom lies on what not to say; that’s more important than what to say. So ultimately, the Man thinks, Budhhi – it selects, discriminates right from the wrong, good from the bad. So the Budhhi feels, ‘No no no you can’t steal. This is a bazaar. Twenty people are looking for you. Don’t steal.’ The mind says, ‘Let me do, let me steal please, I am hungry.’ ‘No. Don’t.’ You know this is the Budhhi. Then the third function, after the Budhhi decides, ‘Okay you can steal.’ Because we have Budhhus (fools) like that as well. And the Budhhi decides, ‘Okay you can steal.’ Then the Chitt does Chintwan, ‘Steal Steal Steal Steal.’ You know by inserting this idea upto trillionths; I think you have done big dis-service. Because there are guys who can reach billions but you can make them unhappy. But ultimately if the Budhhi goes, then Chitt does Chintwan and it does contemplation and visualization. ‘How do I do it? This is the way.’ That is the third function. And the fourth is Ahamkar. When you have finished with inspiration. When you have finished with selection. When you have finished with contemplation. And then the Ahamkar says, ‘Okay I will do it.’ That is identification. These four simple functions of the mind have been clearly charted out in our scriptures and the western world is still struggling like a blind man in a dark room looking for a black cat that isn’t there. So ultimately the depth of our vision, the depth of our inspiration and the Indian philosophical and spiritual knowledge goes far far beyond. So I want to tell you that if through the whole process; the mind is responsible for creating an attitude and the mind is also responsible for creating your identity. I feel identity is even more important than attitude. Attitude is good. But constant thinking results in attitude and years of attitude results in an identity. The mind is more important; the health of the mind is more important because it determines the health of your identity. And what better example can I give than this spiritual knowledge is given to us by not great seers or sadhus or you know saints. But thus beautiful knowledge is imparted to us by one of the greatest comedian the world ever seen – Sir Charles Chaplin. It so happened that he was living in Switzerland most of his time. One of the greatest directors of silent films the comic. He was passing through some European countries and there he read a board which said, ‘Look a like Charlie Chaplin Competition.’ You know so about may be 400 or 500 people had dressed up like Charlie Chaplin. They wanted to look alike. Know, it was so big competition like we have look alike Sachin Tendulkar or Michael Jackson Competition, entrusted Charlie Chaplin to participate. He decided to participate in this look alike Charlie Chaplin Competition and when he participated; to his shock and horror, he came number 7th. To his shock and horror, he came number 7th but only shock and horror can allow you to gain some insights into spiritual knowledge as well. Charlie Chaplin writes in one of his memoirs. He writes that, ‘When I came number 7th, I was so surprised.’ You know, then he writes that, ‘We live in a world, where showmen succeed and real men fail. For a moment, even I got confused whether I was the real Charlie Chaplin or the six before me. They were so real,’ He said. Okay. ‘Even I got confused whether I was real Charlie Chaplin or the six before me. Then I realized; though they could match my looks and my moves, none of them could match my mind and my attitude. I could laugh at life.’ Then he writes, ‘I loved loosing more than the winner enjoyed winning. Because I am the real Charlie Chaplin.’ See, you can also love to loose when you know that your identity is clear. He wasn’t worried. He wasn’t threatened. He knew that this was the way. Then he writes, ‘More than my appearance or my actions, my minds and my attitude give me identity.’ So the health of the mind, coming back to the topic. The health of the mind is so important because the health of the mind will give you the health of your identity. Unless you have a healthy mind you will never have a healthy identity. And this is more important because I leave you as judges. You decide whether you agree with me or not. Just as Mukesh Bhai said earlier very clearly that more important than education, more important than possessions and more important than wealth or any achievement. Any achievement you can make in this whole world, the health and stability of your mind is more more more important. I give you an example. Very simple. Just suppose, imagine that you are not well. And you complain about chest pain and then you come to me and say, ‘Swamiji, can you show me the best and the most trusted cardiotherasic doctor. I need to talk to him. I need to visit him.’ Think about it seriously. Then I say, ‘Who do you want?’ You say, ‘I want the trusted, best in name and the person who is successful.’ I say, ‘Sure.’ Sure. Obviously, I’m gonna to look for a special surgeon who has probably treated may be all the heads of states in world. You want the most trusted. Okay, money is not problem. Fine. So you have a doctor who has degrees stuck on his wall. So many ‘n’ numbers of degrees. Not only that, he has operated or may be 40 different heads of the states. So he has photographs. So you have degrees. You have awards. You have photographs. And not only that, he has opinions of that patients who say and vouchsafe that he is the best cardiotherasic surgeon in the world. You will agree. Fine once while you are being reeled into the operation theatre because of your chest pain and you know this doctor is going to operate. If the nurses just tell you that, ‘Sir you know, yesterday the doctor had a huge shock, his only son died. He is suffering from unstable mind.’

Would you operate?

Now tell me. Those degrees are still there. The wall is still filled with the pictures. The opinions don’t change because he did operate on them. But will you get operated by him, if he has an unstable mind? What is more important? Your degrees, your education, experience or the stability of your mind. Then for God’s sake focus on it. If we believe that the stability of the mind is more important. Go a step further. Yogiji Maharaj – the Guru of Pramukh Swami Maharaj was in Africa and they went to a huge house. A multimillionaire person, whose house had may be 25 to 30 rooms. Yogiji Maharaj, you know, sanctified every room with petals and special holy water. Once when he came down into the last room. In the last room, there was a cage. And on inside of that cage, there was a young boy who was all on force; frothing from the mouth, getting angry, holding the bars of the cage and shaking it. Yogiji Maharaj was shocked and he asked the owner of the home. He said, ‘Aan.. Why is this cage there?’

He said, ‘Let it be there.’

But Yogiji Maharaj said, ‘No, no, no, why, why?’

He said, ‘Swami this is my only son.’

He said, ‘But why is he in a cage?’

He said that, ‘He has lost the stability of his mind. If he is outside, he bites us and hurts us.’

Then Yogiji Maharaj said, ‘But he is your only son.’ He said, ‘ I know he is my only son but he doesn’t know that he is my only son.’ Then Yogiji Maharaj said that, ‘All the wealth of this home, perhaps, the servants are enjoying more than the only son and inheritor of the home.’ Stability of mind is more important than possessions. When we were in England, we knew Margaret Thatcher, the prime minister of England. She was considered as the Iron Lady. For ten years, she ruled England. She set out policies for conservatives. Don’t think I am conservative. But she set out policies for conservative government and what happened then at that time. When she dictated, Europe took notes. When Margaret Thatcher dictated. Such was the power, she was known as the Iron Lady. You know, what has become of her now? She is suffering from Parkinson’s disease. She doesn’t know what she says. The government has to set up a system that protect her privacy from the media. She doesn’t meet anybody. Even if she meets, she cannot relate. I want to ask you, even the prime minister is nobody if you lose the stability of your mind. Nothing is more important in this world than the health of your mind. If you understand then this part that I want to really open up the mind and surf that is important only. Then otherwise we have great quotations, great thoughts. But think about it seriously. Believe that the stability of the mind is the most important. I will go a step further. Perhaps the most material country in this world. Perhaps I have said in a British way. So you can’t catch me. British people always talk about apparent, perhaps, may be, somehow, sometime, I will try. Nothing really happens. You know but still I am just trying to tell you. This is the way but I am telling you that perhaps the most materialistic country in the world is America. And we must whether we like it or dislike it. We must also accept, perhaps the most powerful country in the world is America and so the most powerful person in the world should be the American president. Bush as proved enough. The most powerful would be the American president. Okay. Now think, it is only in the charter of the American government that they have put an insanity clause. You will be surprised. They have put an insanity clause that the president – who is the most powerful person in the whole world; if anytime the vice president and cabinet can prove that he is insane or he has lost his emotional stability, by default the president would be removed. I think India should learn as well. Its important. The stability of the mind. The stability of the mind is most powerful quality. If the most powerful nation of the world and the most powerful person of the world and the most powerful quality of that person is stability of mind and emotional stability. I think when India has so much wealth of this knowledge on this side, we should understand that stability of the mind and emotions are going to be very important as we move ahead in life. And that is why our scriptures have said, ‘Jitam Jagat Ken Manohiyem.’ Even after becoming the president of America and ruling the world, you still have to make a stable mind. Why don’t we start it doing in our homes, if that is still to be achieved? Our scriptures have said, ‘Jitam Jagat Ken Manohiyam.’ Then again Plato has said, ‘Self conquest is the greatest of all conquest.’ And to repeat the words of Mukesh Bhai. He said, ‘Victor Hugo has said that, ‘Bring on all the armies of the world. Attitude of a single man is more powerful than all the armies of the world’.’ If you have the right attitude, you become more powerful. Coming back to the attitude of a single person becoming more powerful than all the armies of the world. In the second world war. In the second world war, when Hitler, he had won the whole Europe. Britain was no longer a challenge, if you won Europe. If some country has won India, Srilanka is no challenge. I am just giving you a simple comparison. So when Hitler after four years of war had won the whole of Europe, England and Hitler also made a statement. ‘Soon in a weeks time, Britain will have her neck wringed like a chicken.’ These were the words of Hitler. Very clearly. Because he could manage, he could manipulate. He could send threats. He could even revise the predictions of Nostradamus. This is what he did. You know. Everything to make sure that Hitler and his machinery won. When the German sent all their bombers; the Beatles and when 80 percent of London was on fire, burning.  People were helter-skelter. We say that England won the second world war not because they had better armies, better armament, because they had hard fighting. It was because of Churchill’s single man attitude. He gave the symbol ‘V for Victory’ not after the India won 20-20. He gave this symbol, when 80 percent of London was burning. And he said, ‘V for Victory. We will fight in the air. We will fight in the seas. We will fight on land. We will fight with our spirits, toil, sweat, blood and tear. We will fight till we live. But England shall win.’ Its because of one man’s attitude that the second world war was won. Attitude is bigger than all the armies of the world put together. And again do you think it was just nonviolence that drove the British away from India. It was the attitude of Mahatma Gandhi not just nonviolence. Mahatma Gandhi – you know why he was so powerful. He decided that I will just live in this thread bare clothes. Bring me one man. Even now, even philosophers who believe in Gandhi are ready to live a life that he did. One man’s attitude could win the war. One man’s attitude could push away the empire. Its very important that if we try and develop the attitude, the whole nation cast an attitude around a powerful man’s attitude. But then you will tell me that, ‘Swami how it affects me?’ Well it does. Our scriptures have said that, ‘Manah Eva Manushyanam Karanam Bande Mokshayo.’ The attitude of the mind. Our scriptures have clearly said, ‘The attitude of the human mind, it decides that whether you are bound or you are set free. Your mind can create limitations for you and your mind can break those limitations.’ This is the secret that our scriptures have given us. We can custom design, in this age of custom designing, we can custom design the environment that we want to live in. You know as you see the world as it moves in, we will custom design things. Just as when Duryodhana was asked in Mahabharat, that, ‘What is the world like?’ And Duryodhana said that, ‘There is not a good single soul in this world.’ Because he was bad. And when Yudhister was asked the same question, ‘What is the world like?’ And Yudhister said that, ‘There is not a single bad soul in this world.’ Because Yudhister was good. So don’t you complain to me that others are bad. I will decide that you are bad. It’s very important, forget about complaining, try and accommodate & adjust and create a world that you can progress in. Once in a train, a rich man and his wife, they entered a compartment and there were other passengers sitting in the train and this lady, she was rich and rich have this habit of letting people know they’re rich. Not just by the garments but by also their attitude. She came into the compartment. She started complaining. The light is not right. The curtains are not good. The seat is stinking and then ultimately after she was exhausted from the inside of the compartment, she took on the nature. ‘Oh the sun is not shining. The clouds are too thick.’

She can’t do anything about it. You know. ‘Oh there are no birds in the field. Look at them how dirty!’ She kept on and on and on. Just to bring a change to the environment the passenger opposite, he asked that let me try and bring just change. He asked the man, the rich man, ‘Sir, you know, may I know what do you do?’ And the man said, ‘You know, we are both in the manufacturing industry – me and my wife.’ He said, ‘What do you manufacture?’


‘He said, ‘What about your wife?’

‘Ah! She manufactures her own unhappiness.’

You understand that you have the ability to set up industries and industries. Okay. And you can continue to manufacture own unhappiness. So far as if you are not aware. So ultimately if you create an attitude around you, it is going to affect.

To be continued…

About The Speaker :

Sadhu Brahmviharidas

Sadhu Brahmviharidas was born and brought up in the United Kingdom. At the early age of 11, BBC invited him to present a lecture on Hinduism. He graduated from the Oxford University as a Gold Medalist. Soon he joined the BAPS sadhu-fold at a young age in 1981 under his Guruhari Param Pujya Pramukh Swami Maharaj.

He is an excellent speaker and he has spoken at various national and international conferences. He has also managed the volunteering work during Gujarat Earthquake Relief 2002 and in the making of Delhi Akshardham Temple. Currently he serves as a BAPS spokesperson for national and international media.

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