Room No. 108

Room No. 108

Animesh, Krishanu, Kishan, Mithlesh, and Jamui. This was my family in the hostel and these were my friends. I could laugh with them, I could cry with them, I used to play with them, I used to fight with them and I used to work with them too.

First time, I met with Animesh on the volleyball court. He was a good Volley player. I was a fresher and I didn’t know much about the game. So, Animesh was giving away few tips to me and few other newbies.

Next time, I talked to him in our classroom. Yes, Animesh, Kishan and Krishanu were my classmates, while Jamui was in Electronics branch and Mithlesh in the Mechanical branch. So I was passing by when I saw him reading One Night @ The Call Center. He saw me and I gestured smile. As I had read it earlier, I complimented about the book.

Mast hai.’

Its great.

Then we talked about few more novels, about each other and our friendship began. He introduced me to his roommates. Krishanu was from Delhi, so we started asking each other. ‘Where you live in Delhi, where you studied and so on?’

Kishan was a simple good boy from Varanasi. Jamui was from Jamui, Bihar. His actual name was Shubham but we used to call him Jamui and sometimes Motka Sanp (means fat snake) to tease him. Mithlesh was from Bihar also.

There wasn’t a single day that I didn’t spend with them. There was something unique, something different about my these friends which was deliberately awesome; and that was their Unity.

Whether it was about eating dinner together on the same table or going to fill water bottles. They always worked together. Hands to hand. I had seen it many times with them. There was a natural care for each other. Though they teased each other the whole day but there was also a mutual loving bond between them. And I think that is the most important thing in a friendship. They enjoyed the best days of their life together and I was a good spectator. Adoring my friends. Always wishing best for them.

I can’t forget that date though. 27 October 2016. I was in hustle and bustle, writing the synopsis of my debut book. I had to submit the sample to the publisher the same day. Next day 28 Oct, I had to go to my home for Diwali vacations. So, I was working very fast; typing, editing, cross-checking the sample piece. Everything in Room no. 108, on Animesh’s laptop. Sometime when I tired up, Animesh and Krishanu typed few pages for me. I can’t forget that night. By the time, I completed the 30 pages sample manuscript and mailed it to publisher, it was 1 am in the clock. I had to catch the bus same day at 5:30 am. Then I waved good bye, greeted Happy Diwali to my friends and went to my room with sleepy eyes. Next day, Animesh came to my room and woke me up at 4 am. Thanks to him. Though later on, the publisher politely rejected to publish my book but my bond increased with my friends of Room no. 108.

Once Dr. Abdul Kalam (ex-President of India) was talking to the media. He said, ‘firstly put down your cameras, pen and papers. I want to offer you something for free.’ Everyone looked at him with excitement.

‘I want to offer you free partnership in the development of our nation, for the well-being of everyone,’ Dr. Kalam said. Then someone from the media with camera said, ‘Sir, please smile.’

Then Dr. Kalam said, ‘As you have said me to smile. Make the world smile. Make everyone smile, through your work, through the news you show.’ ‘I think, it’s for free. Nothing much costs in it,’ He added.

Similarly, I had friends who were partners in my success. I was proud on having them cause they made me smile every time I was worried or tired. Not only me, they are still making others smile through their work and nature.

I met Pia once before I left for Delhi. She was looking sad though; I found in her eyes. I was going on vacations for at least two weeks. It was 27th morning of the October month. We plucked few roses and marigold together for my morning puja. Then I promised her that I will bring something for her from Delhi. She winked at me. We walked. We walked. Until we reached gate no. 7.

‘Happy Diwali,’ I said to her smilingly.

‘Same to you,’ She said and a small tear drop slipped from the corner of her eyes.

‘I will wait for you.’

I took her hands in mine and kissed them in assurance. Then I said good bye to her and moved towards my hostel. She stood there, watching me going away, far away from her eyes. I moved once to check. She was still standing there with the milk vessel in her hand; looking at me as if promising to stay there forever. For me. I waved a flying kiss to her and went back to my hostel.

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Gaurav S Kaintura

28 April 2017


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