Abortion : Choice or Murder – By Gaurav S Kaintura

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Abortion – Choice or Murder

Abortion is an immoral practice still prevailing in our society and it will continue to do so until & unless we don’t take any effective step against it. In this essay, I would open up on this topic in a brief yet broad way. Starting from the primary definition of abortion, the ultimate cause behind it, social thinking on abortion and effective ways needed to culminate it for a better change of the society.

Abortion is the planned killing of embryo or fetus during the pregnancy. In a more simple way, it is the termination of a human pregnancy at one’s own will.

Now, if we look at the primary cause of abortion; we come to a point. Abortion is due to unwanted child. We choose abortion as a last step to prevent a baby from coming into this world. But how a child could be unwanted?

We have heard that children are the glimpse of God. So how can we abort them?

There are a lot of reasons for it which constitutes our main motives behind abortion.

  1. Poor financial condition of the parents
  2. Pregnancy caused due to rapes, sexual harassment
  3. Tender (below 18) age of the mother
  4. No need for a new child

These are the few logic we explain to others when we abort a child. But still it is a murder. There could be thousand reasons to kill someone but still it would be defined as murder. I did a small research on the same topic in my university, where I asked young students about their opinions on it. I asked them, Abortion is a:

  1. Choice
  2. Murder
  3. Murder but choice in few extreme cases?

In extreme cases, I included all the conditions like forced pregnancies such as in rape cases & few cases where life of both the fetus and mother is in danger.

Fifty Four percent of students chose option. c). Abortion is a murder but it is a choice in few extreme cases.

But what I want to point out is that, how can we decide about the life or death of another living being?

It is scientifically proved now that an embryo & fetus is a living being. A separate life form. People often say that it should be the choice of the mother as she has all the rights to her body. True, but what if another living being is growing inside her? Does she possess the right to kill that child?


It is indeed a question of importance that we should discuss about.

I remember one of my friend had said;

‘Those who wish to enjoy their acts but don’t want to own the results thereon will obviously select option A or more precisely C and try to give the reasons as you have mentioned (rape cases, under age).

Having said this, if you write all this what all I have said probably won’t get you a prize, for majority of so-called humanitarian don’t support either A or B but want to set themselves as a secular so will obviously support C. But we must present the truth as it is.’


We must present the truth as it is. If you look at the process of abortion, you will get terrified. Because the baby embryo is firstly cut in several parts inside the womb and then they pull it out in parts.


You can’t neglect the truth that it is a murder. That is why, we are discussing about it. To culminate it out of society, firstly we have to understand it.

Ask yourselves; is abortion a murder or a simple choice?

Think if you are in the womb as an embryo, what would be your answer?

Choice would be never?

So we need to aware everyone about it. We need to discuss about our policies, our laws related to it, and to make proper amendments if required. Only then we could have a better world where everyone has a right to live.

In the Chhandogya Upanishad, King Pravahana asks Svetaketu, ‘Why is it that the yonder world is not filled with people & overflowing? Always, the world is able to contain people and it is never flooded with them. What is the reason for this?

The King himself answers the question, ‘Because God sustains everything. He makes sure that the balance is maintained. There is a cycle or rotation of people that goes on. That is why; this earth is able to keep all beings and never feels burdened.’

So if the earth doesn’t feel burdened and can keep us all; then who are we to stop a being from living his life? Our all logic for abortion are conditional.

Everyone has a right to live. Let all live.



Written By:

(Gaurav S Kaintura)


Note: Thanks to all who participated in the research and voiced their valuable opinions. You can still tell your ideas or thoughts in the comments section or just leave them in the contact page.

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  1. You changed my perception! I’ll be honest here, before reading this post I interpreted abortion very differently that I do now. Your words have power and they move the reader’s ideology in a radical way. Great content, eye opening to be true. I’ll be spamming you a little more.
    Keep posting!

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