Satsang as an Antivirus – Gaurav S Kaintura

Man on this earth takes birth as a simple pure child. God sends us as a
simple, loving soul to this planet.

But as time passes that innocent pure child accumulates various attributes
that world promotes blindly. Some qualities we inherit from our parents ,
few from our environment. All such attributes combine together in a person
and forms virtues. And these virtues sum up to form a character of man.

Environment is the biggest factor which affects us most. It includes whole
surrounding from school , college , office , meeting places to the
neighbourhood where we live.

So there is no limit for learning . We learn everytime . We learn everyday.

Learning good .

Learning bad .

Learning positive . Learning negative .

But often what we see is that we learn negative things easily . Soul is
pure and positive . World is mortal and full of negativities . So , unlike
poles attracts.

If two hundred people are doing a thing so we think that what’s harm in
trying it once. Let’s try it.

We neglect true outcomes of it & blindly believe “ those 200 people ”.

Smoking Kills.

It’s always written on the pack. But still people smoke. Why?

Are the illiterate?

Are they unable to read two word phrase?

And leave it. There exists a pictorial warning too. But people shut their
eyes for that piece of shit , & open the new glittering kit. We think that
the whole world use it then why can’t we?

It is just an example . There are a lot. At every step you will find red
sign of negativity. On each door you will find people singing the joys of

You think air. Air is constituted by a lot of elements. But the main ones
are hydrogen , oxygen , nitrogen & carbon dioxide. For us only oxygen and
carbon dioxide are elementary gases. We intake oxygen gas & exhale carbon
dioxide which is a waste product for us. Plants use carbon dioxide &
convert it to oxygen for our convenience.

So there is a balance in the atmosphere. But what if the level of carbon
dioxide rises more & a lot more than oxygen in the atmosphere . It would
be hard for us to live on. And we will die.

Similarly in the modern world of globalisation. In the world of science &
technology. In the world of one-manship , the level of negativity is rising
more than that of moral goodness.

And in the similar circumstances again it would be hard for us to survive.
Morality is dying.

Just think how it would affect our youth?

How it would impact a little child?

It would just create degradation. Degradation of civil society. Degradation
of moral values & character in a person.

And it has started affecting us. You check on every newspaper , you will
find cases alarming such situations.

Even well educated & highly proffesional people are getting failed in terms
of morality & character.

So what’s the panacea to all these problems?

It is very simple.


Satsang is the only way to develop good virtues , to inherit moral values &
to imbibe good values from them.

And you can say Satsang means the fellowship with God realised soul or

It is a platform where you can leave all your material desires & passion in
a last corner & enter in a world of eternal happiness. Sat means truth (or
good) & Sang means company in Sanskrit.

“ Truth is God ” as remarked by a noble soul. God is the source of eternal
beauty. Eternal beauty means beauty of soul i.e., happiness.

The world is in turmoil. For little or fake benefits of self , we are
destroying ourselves.

To overcome all this illusion or maya , Satsang is an effective antivirus.

Let’s install it in our lives.


Thanks For Reading

Gaurav S Kaintura

15 July 2017


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  1. Nice story gaurav ….teaching a lot to modern society about there moral values ,how we are loosibg them day by day ..
    The solution of such serious problems is in our hands …nice way you have suggested of getting rid of such problems ….SATSANG #$$..

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