Think Different – My Orientation Lecture

Just few weeks back, we had organized an orientation event in our college for our 1st-year juniors. So, as a 2nd-year senior and a writer, I presented a short lecture to inspire and motivate them. I was talking to around 50 students there in the seminar hall. The topic of my talk was ‘Think Different.’

So on this occasion of Engineer’s Day, I am sharing it with all of you. Hope you gain something positive from it.


Think Different

Good afternoon friends, faculty members, and my juniors. It’s nice to be here with you today. Myself – Gaurav Singh from 2nd year computer science. I’m a writer, poet, painter, engineer and soon to be an author. Firstly, I would like to take this opportunity of welcoming you on the behalf of whole FET and Gurukul. I hope you’re enjoying here.
I didn’t want to start like this but I would like to start it with an imaginary tale. Once, there were 3 best friends. They were close childhood friends. They played together, ate together and completed their high school together. But for graduation, they departed on different ways. One friend took admission in IIT Delhi. The other one went to Harvard and the third picked up Oxford. Like interests, they completed their engineering in the same year and after working for few years in the tech-corporate world; they all decided to become padri the father in a church. They opened up their small churches in their respective countries and started preaching about God and such things – living a simple life. After 20 years, all three friends decided for a Reunion. So, they decided and fixed a date, place and time to get together with each other after a long time. Obviously, British was on time. He came in his old Austin Morris to the place. Then came American 15 minutes late in his branded Oldsmobile. Lastly, for sure, the Indian came half an hour late in his shining new Rolls Royce. So, they lunched together and enjoyed, asked each other about their lives and so on. Suddenly, looking at the cars of each other, they said together, ‘We preach others to confess truth of their lives. Now we should also confess to each other that how we earn and sustain our lives?’ Firstly, the British guy says, that, ‘I take out my cap after the Sunday assembly and pass it among the people to donate some money in it. After all the collection of money, now tell me how much space we cover on this earth? Just a small circle. So, I draw a
circle and throw up the collected money above. The money that falls inside the circle, I keep it for my own and rest I donate it for God’s purpose and using all that money from a small circle, I’m able to afford this old car.’
American says, ‘I do the same, I take out my cap after my sermon; pass it to people and collect money. But we’re Americans. We don’t believe in circles, we draw lines. I draw a line and throw up the money. The money falling this side of the line is mine and the money of the other side, I donate it for spiritual work.’
The Indian. He says, ‘Look brothers, I too pass my cap and collect down the money. But, in my preaching; I say it to everyone that God is up above. I throw it up in the air, the money which God wants he keeps it and the rest which falls down I keep that.’
Now, I want to tell you, the story is imaginary but the message is real. All three of same age, same mind, same degree, same profession, same technique but only the thinking, creates a big difference. Leave it, if it is ethically right or wrong, legitimate or not. The moment you change your mind and thoughts, things begin to change. If you think
different, you become different. Another thing that I want to tell you is to keep a positive attitude. William James, one of the great psychologist has said that, ‘The greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by changing their attitudes of mind.’
You know, what makes you different? You’re an engineer and so you’re different. A medical student passes out from a medical college and becomes a doctor. A law student graduates from a law school and becomes a lawyer. But an engineering student; you know it. He passes out from the college with an engineering degree and after 4 years of
study, you can’t be sure what he will become? He may turn out as a good photographer, well writer, singer, governor, actor, anything, So, I want to say you that you all are different.
I would like to end this with few suggestions. Please note down these amazing books and read them.
‘Attitude is Everything by Jeff Keller’
‘The 7 habits of highly effective people by Stephen Covey’
My message to you is: Think, Explore, Learn, Experience & Enjoy.
My all prayers for your better future and for the well-being of all.
Thank You
Jai Swaminarayan



  • 15 Sep is celebrated as Engineer’s Day in India in the memory of M. Visvesvaraya


Happy Engineer’s Day

Gaurav S Kaintura

15 Sep 2017


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