My First Anniversary as Blogger

This was the day.

21 Sep 2016

How It All Started

One year ago, I was sitting in our C Language Lab and accidentally I stumbled upon Then, I signed up for it and my blog site was ready. I thought a bit and named it, In The Joy Of Others Lies Our Own with subtitle Happiness, Pure Love, Kindness, Spirituality. I remember my first post was just an introduction about myself and a short poem included with it. I remember the line that I had quoted for myself:

‘I’m a romantic guy romancing with life always. Living freely as I wish, blowing like wind, flowing as fish.’

I remember, I had gone to my friend Animesh. He was sitting in the same lab. I went to him and told him about it. He patted my back and said, ‘Mast Hai (It’s good).’ He was my first reader. From a CS Engineer, I was turned into a Blogger. Then, slowly it became a passion.


The main purpose with which I started this blog and I’m true to myself and all so I’m expressing it, was to create a social platform for my writings. I’m writing since nursery A, B, C, D, 1,2,3,4. Sorry just Joking. As a writer, I started my writing journey from the age of 13. I started it with writing quotations and short motivational lines. Then came poetry. I remember my first poem was in Hindi, titled, ‘Bakre Ki Vedana’.  It was sort of on animal killing. Then I wrote a lot of poems in English. After that Short Stories, Dramas, and from the age of 15; I started feeling myself as a Writer. I used to post my poems on Facebook and I remember my friends used to copy my love poems for their girlfriends. It was all fun at that time. Then, seriously when I entered in college; I felt the need to make it in a proper order and So, I started Blogging.


In the way, I discovered a lot of other talented Bloggers whom I deeply appreciate. To name a few, Visit: Samruddhi, Kait KingMohamad Ad KarbiSumit Official, Rekha Sahay.

But out of all these, there is one blogger whom I deeply respect and I’m also fond of her writing. She is Cari. Her Blog is Carisblog. Check it out and go into Wife Tears (Secret Works). She is such a brilliant poetess that her poems will touch the core of your heart. There are many others good Bloggers. I made few friends also; I deeply respect all these people and thank them.

I deeply adore my friends and well-wishers who read my posts through Facebook and follow me there. Then there are few besties who constantly inspire me and ask me about it like Krishanu, Kishan, Animesh, Shubham (Both one), Ravinder Gupta, Hakim Jahan, Rajiv Kale and few of my relatives also. I thank all of them for their immense support.

On the last note, I would like to Thank my Best One, Friend, Love or you can say anything personal – i.e., My God. Today, I am writing because He is with me in each moment of my life. I have great faith in Him and have greatest love for Him.

Little Things Until Now:

  • 46 Blog Posts
  • 578 Total Followers
  • 275 WordPress Followers
  • 2 Blogging Awards
  • Blog Stats 6087
  • 2312 Visitors
  • Visitors from 86 countries

Upcoming Treasures

  1. I am coming up with something that I have been waiting from a long time; my first debut book (fiction) and I will specially launch it on my Blog. (Note: It’s out now. Check here – A Silent Figure.
  2. Then, I am going to add a new page on my blog-site Titled ‘My Reading List’. It will list all the books I have read in my life from fiction to non-fiction, around more than 40 books (I think).
  3. I’m seriously trying to add few more Inspirational Speeches that will be based on Positive Thinking, Attitude and other life building topics.
  4. Then please read the upcoming last chapter of my series ‘Oasis In The Desert : Story Of An Engineer‘. It will come up on 6 Oct, titled ‘A Little Poor Boy.’
  5. This one is Secret and it will come up on its fixed time. But I think this is the most amazing and something different that I’m going to do in the world of Blogging. So wait for it and Stay Connected.


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Thanks For Reading

Jai Swaminarayan

Gaurav S Kaintura

21 Sep 2017



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