The empty sconce

Please Read It. It’s really emotional one and written after a lot of courage by a Blogger Friend.

Ashya Shukla

Dear son,
It took me a lot of courage to grab a pen and write this letter after you did not respond to our innumerable mails and messages. Your old school dad still believes in the ability of letters and stamps to make you understand what you missed in our messages. This was a long run for me and your mother seeing you grow up into a man of wealth and success. We’ve grayed our hair and as parents, I couldn’t tell you how much we are proud of you.
I understand that you have been busy for quite a lot of time now and not every desire can be fulfilled, but it’s time to come home. Your mother is not educated enough, when you hang up on her saying you’re on a site visit, she doesn’t understand. She weeps after the call is disconnected, again. I don’t know if…

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