A Silent Figure

asfnotes.JPGHello Friends,

It is my extreme pleasure to release my first debut book ‘A Silent Figure’  today. It’s out now on the amazon. You can grab your kindle copy and have feel of it.

I know, there are thousands of excited emotions right now inside my heart which are waiting to explode but I would like to start it with this:

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 “I thank my beloved ‘ShriHari – Bhagwan Swaminarayan for constantly nourishing me with positivity and being with me. Then my parents who are the real reason behind my ever success. My fellow friends who together worked with me and supported me kind-heartedly on this project.

And yes, you also. I thank all of you for the love that you have showered on me.

It’s your treat now.”


About the Author :

I started writing short-stories from the age of 15 when I was in High-school. Though initially, it was just a hobby to write down various emotions on a paper and savor it for some time. But as I grew up, it became a part of me. Till now, I have penned down more than hundreds of poems, dozens of articles and short-story.

I think, I can say now that, ‘I am a writer.’


About the Book:


‘A Silent Figure’ is a collection of 15 unique short-stories that are primarily focused on youth. Somewhere a poor father is looking for a way to fulfill his promise to his little 5-year-old daughter. A brave soldier is lying in the jail of his own country for no fault of him. A lady is waiting for her long-lost love – everyday in the same old library. An old beggar-man decides to give up his everything for a noble cause even when he knows that he has nothing.

There are a lot of such stories and there are stories inside the stories. A perfect blend of human emotions depicting a beautiful journey of love, faith, hope, kindness and joy.

Don’t wait now, just check it on your own – A Silent Figure.

Also, follow me on the Amazon Author’s page, here.

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Thanks For Reading

Jai Swaminarayan

Happy Diwali

18 Oct 2017

Gaurav S Kaintura



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