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This is the third part of the series after Happiness : a trip to the soul – Gaurav S Kaintura

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“Anger is the biggest enemy of a man.

Whatever you achieve in your life; wealth, health, fame, all are wasteful until you don’t control your anger. It could turn a sage into a monster and gold into soil. A man can be happy only when he is able to control his anger.

History knows that the main reason of World War ll was the rage and  malicious desires of Hitler and his opponents. Behind the destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, it was the anger that defeated American leaders and they created such a havoc.

If you want peace in your soul then you have to let go your anger.

Let me narrate a beautiful tale from our ancient texts that would depict that how anger is harmful.

Bhrigu was son of Lord Brahma. When he was of young age, he was very intelligent and naughty.

Once he decided to know that who is the greatest God amongst the trinity – Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh (Shiva). So he planned to test them one by one. He started with his father Brahma. When Lord Brahma was meditating in his chamber, Bhrigu came there suddenly and without giving a look at Lord Brahma started going away.

Lord Brahma noticed this and stopped Bhrigu. He scolded him and said that how could he disrespect his father in this way. ‘You have paid no obeisance to me, don’t you have any manners?’ He enraged at Bhrigu so much.

Bhrigu was confirmed now, he thought, ‘He can’t be greatest as he is unable to control his anger in such small conditions.’ So, Bhrigu went away from there.

Then he reached at Mount Kailash. When Lord Shiva saw Bhrigu; he hugged him tightly in his arms as Bhrigu was son of Brahma. But Bhrigu resisted him and said, ‘You are dirty and filthy. Your body is smeared with ashes so don’t touch me.’ When Lord Shiva listened this much, he felt very insulted and admonished Bhrigu.

Bhrigu thought, ‘He too can’t be the greatest as he angered easily over his insult.’ Thus, he went away from there too.

Last it was the turn of Lord Vishnu. When Bhrigu reached Vaikunth (residence of Lord Vishnu), he found Lord Vishnu in deep sleep.

So he tried to wake him up with both hands. But Lord Vishnu didn’t stir, then Bhrigu used his own feet at Lord’s chest and tried to awake him. Suddenly Lord Vishnu arose and touched Bhrigu’s feet and asked, ‘Are you hurt my child?

Are you hurt?

I am very sorry. You were waking me up and I didn’t see. I hope you aren’t hurt.’

Bhrigu was astonished with these words. He thought, ‘It was me who was disturbing Lord’s sleep and instead of showing anger on me; he is asking me if I’m hurted.’

He resolved firmly in his mind that Lord Vishnu is the greatest among three and went away happily.

So it is upto you how you control your anger and let me help you.

First of all the main cause of anger is the possessiveness and a misconception.

We are too possessive about our things, our family. But we know that, we had come here with empty hands and have to go with empty hands.

So don’t attach your mind too much in materialistic things as nothing belongs to you.

Another misconception is that, ‘We think ourselves to be body and always think about it in that way.’

But the truth is that our own body doesn’t belong to us. It is mortal and it will perish one day. So boiling your blood over a thing that doesn’t belong to you is a mere foolishness and nothing else.

Have you seen a servant shouting at his master?

No, not generally, because he knows that, ‘I am servant and he is the master.’ So think yourself as servant not as master.

Beauty of happiness lies in the destruction of anger, lest it’ll destroy your peace.

Controlling anger is the first step towards the happiness.

Make your first move.”


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Jai Swaminarayan

Gaurav S Kaintura

24 Oct 2017






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