Once there was a pencil-maker. He used to make beautiful small pencils. His pencils were famous all over and people from all walks of life used to buy his pencils. Beautiful. Perfect. Likeable pencils. Once a man came to him and out of seer curiosity asked him. โ€˜What is that you put in these pencils, that everyone like them?โ€™

The man asked, โ€˜What is the specific-ness about your pencils?โ€™

The pencil-maker said, โ€œWhen I make pencils, I collect them all together. I treat them as my own children and tell them just six lessons. So that wherever they go, to whomever they meet, they leave their effect. They leave their impressions upon the people.โ€


Following are those six lessons (Note down if you need):

  1. Remember what is inside you is always more important than what is outside you.
  2. No mistakes are permanent, they can always be erased.
  3. Now and again you will have to be sharpened. It hurts but it helps.
  4. If you break in trouble, always become double.
  5. However small, leave a mark on everything you touch.
  6. Remember always. Be in good hands. You are only as good as the hands that uses you. Otherwise you are nothing.


Abdul Kalam Sir often used to say, โ€˜Always be in the hands of God.โ€™ Kalam Saheb, he used to say, โ€˜In this world, I have met a lot of people. Great saints, intellectuals, great people. But the one who took my hands in his and then put them in Godโ€™s hands is the only one and that is Pramukh Swami Maharaj. That is why he is my ultimate Guru.โ€™

So, I would like to add one more thing:

Always be in Godโ€™s hands.

Note: An excerpt from the lecture ‘New Year New Ideas’ By Sadhu Brahmviharidas.

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Wishing all of you Happy Lohri, Sakranti, Uttarayan, Vasant Panchmi and lots of blessings.

Gaurav S Kaintura

Jai Swaminarayan

12 Jan 2018

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