Sunshine Blogger Award

Thanks Shreya Sukrity for the nomination. Let me first introduce Shreya to all of you.

She is an amazing blogger, dancer, a good listener and a person with beautiful heart. She writes about creative writing, motivational posts and nice short stories on her blogging world. She also loves to capture few special moments with her camera, you can find it on her blog too. To know more about this positive girl, please visit her blogging world here:


Now, few words about me:

Gaurav S Kaintura

I’m a Computer Science scholar who is more interested in reading R K Narayan novels and Ruskin Bond short stories from his teenage. I started writing poetry and short stories after getting inspired from few of my best friends Arnold Gowda, and Shubham Mandal who are great poet (according to me and others). Later it became a natural instinct to pen down various thoughts on a paper. After reaching the engineering college, I started working on my first book and with lot of hard-work, positive expectations, support from good friends and well-wishers; on Diwali last year, I released my first book on Amazon. You can have its darshan here:

A Silent Figure

It received well response from it’s readers. And finally, I have started thinking about my next book which is going to be an inspiring tale of a young boy who falls down in love with a sweet girl. Same story. No. The rest of the tale is different and enlightening.

Currently, I am working on my self and focusing more on my academics. A great salute and respect to all of you if you are reading still. You can find my relative works here on MirakeeInstagramYouTube.


RULES for Sunshine Blogger Award:-
First of all, thank the blogger who has nominated you and link its blog in your post.
Answer the 11 questions asked by the blogger.
Nominate 11 more blogs, who you think should be given this award.
List the rules and the logo of the award on your post or on the blog.


Question– Name your ideal personality?

Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam and my Guruhari Pramukh Swami Maharaj

Question– What are your hobbies?

Reading, Writing, Singing, Sketching, Walking, and a lot others.
Question– What is your aim or goal of life?

To be like King Janak of Mithila, and to sleep peacefully in night.
Question– Name your favorite writer?

Ruskin Bond, R K Narayan
Question– What inspired you to be a blogger?

My friends
Question– Which place is your favorite holiday destination?

My village in Tehri Garhwal, Uttarakhand
Question– Which habit of yours do you think is bad and a habit that is best?

I’m lazy – Bad habit. I’m always truthful and honest – Best.
Question– What is your new year resolution?

To not fall in love anymore
Question– Name any 3 favorite blogs


Swaminarayan Glory

Question– If given a chance what change would you bring in your respective countries?

I’ll try to reduce hatred among people whether it is religion, caste or nation based. I want to rekindle the lost love in the hearts of people.
Question– What is your mother tongue?

I’m from Uttarakhand and speak Garhwali and Hindi both.




Swaminarayan Glory

Anokhi Roshani


Fresh Folium

My Questions:-

  1. What is your understanding of the word ‘love’. How would you define it?
  2. What inspires you to blog and write?
  3. What are the things you would like to do if you become a famous writer?
  4. What are the secrets of a good friendship?
  5. One person who inspires you always?
  6. Favourite blogs other than yours?
  7. One best thing about you?
  8. Your favourite destination for visiting with friends?
  9. Favourite poetry by any writer (in any language)?
  10. Name any book that changed your life in someway or other?
  11. Any tips or suggestions for new blogger friends?

My good wishes for the budding writers and fellow bloggers. Keep writing and inspiring us all. Your love and support means a lot to me.


Thanks for Reading

Gaurav S Kaintura

Jai Swaminarayan

04 Mar 2018



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