#Valentine Special-The best advice a female can ever get.

A True Advice for All the Friends Out There:

“Understand the difference between gentlemen and noblemen. Noblemen want nothing from you, they do not even look at you, they have a higher purpose in their life. And to be honest, if the guy so good, a true gentleman, why is he drooling over you in the first place.”

Swaminarayan Glory


This is the best piece of advice I found out for a female. I may not be able to express the gravity of the above image but then too, I will make a small effort.

In my college and high school days, I was surrounded by and I maybe was one of those people who was very much influenced by movies and TV shows. Basically, like everyone else, I too believed in a fairytale romance and love.

Although, I liked to be an observer rather than experiencing these things.

And let me tell you, ladies, men are the worst creatures you will ever meet. The thing about men and women is, men are desperate and women are somewhat stupid when it comes to these matters. Both of them become blind and they cannot contemplate on the result of their actions.

Let me tell you how men think here, they will…

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