Keep me in your soul – Birthday Special

When I had originally written this piece it had no purposeful meaning because there were just few words of love from the colorful imagination of a poet. But today, as the day is very special for me and someone else too, I would like to dedicate this to her – the birthday princess. Wishing you a very very happy birthday and I’m going to wish you again and again with short little surprises. I hope you like them. My prayers and good wishes to you and keep smiling like a warrior always.

Keep Me In Your Soul


Keep me in your eyes

I want to be the truth

Your eye never lies

Keep me in your arms

I want to feel your magic

I want to see your charm

Keep me in your thoughts

I want to come over first

Whenever you think a lot

Keep me in your heart

Then I want nothing more

But just…………………

Keep me in your soul

I’m here to surrender

Myself as whole

– Gaurav S Kaintura


27 May 2018


Note: You can remove the second stanza, it was unintentionally pre-written. 😉

Thanks for reading

Gaurav S Kaintura


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