The Lost Key

एक बार ताला बंद था। चाभी खो गयी। किसी ने कहा, ‘कोई चिंता की बात नहीं है हम उपाय करते है।’ वो हथोड़ा ले आया। हथोड़े का एक प्रहार ताले पर किया ताला नहीं खुला। दूसरा किया नहीं खुला। तीसरा प्रहार जोर से करने जाता है उतने में आवाज आयी, ‘भाई चाभी मिल गयी है।’
वो चाभी लेकर आया। छोटी सी चाभी ताले में डाली घुमाई ताला खुल गया। हथोड़े वाला कहता है कि आश्चर्य की बात है इतना भारी हथोड़ा इतना जोरदार प्रहार और ताला नहीं खुला। और छोटी सी चाभी ताला खुल गया।
तब चाभी वाले ने कहा तुम सच्चाई को नहीं जानते, जो भीतर बैठना जानता है वो खोल सकता है। जो भीतर बैठना नहीं जानता वो तोड़ सकता है। खोल नहीं सकता।

Once upon a time there was a door locked tight and the key had been lost. One man he came and said, ‘Don’t worry! Let us fix this.’ He came back with a hammer and hit the lock with it, the lock didn’t open. He wielded second hit on the lock. It didn’t open again. Then as he was about to strike for the third time, someone came there panting and said, ‘We have found the key.’

He brought down the key, placed it inside the lock and the lock opened very easily. The man with the hammer in his hand said, ‘Surprising! Such a big hammer and it could not open the lock while such a small key and it opened the lock.’

At that time the man who brought the key said, ‘You don’t know the truth my friend.’

He said, ‘One who knows how to sit inside can open while one who does not can only break.’

Such an impactful understanding for our life we can derive from this simple story. In our relationships often we wield different forces on each other to manipulate or change the other but we forget that it can only break the relation more rather than solving any problem. We must learn to sit in the hearts of people only then we can open them from inside. And it is possible only if we respect them and their boundaries, decisions, priorities and needs. We must learn to gently say our things so as not to hurt anyone with our words. Learn to imbibe the virtue of a key.

Jai Swaminarayan

Gaurav S Kaintura

04 June 2020

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