Word Blogs

I was a small kid when I first read something I don’t even remember what but the day I started grasping all the letters combined and the word formation with the lexicon of my concise choice of words life became more exciting and then I remember every time whenever I was free I was reading like a maniac. Like there are few people who ride in the bus or metro or anywhere even while walking on the road they read travel boards, roadside signs, hoardings, shop names. I am among those few people. If you leave me alone in a room full of books then I would be happy going through them all without bothering about anything. I know when I was little my father used to dictate me words and I used to spell them on my notebook. And I was good at that like there were few big brothers in my locality and they used to come to me in wonder like, ‘Here is this boy who can spell every guy’s name correctly.’ It was good. Reading got me that. Reading got me into books too and reading got me into writing and publishing my first book as well. So here as we all are tied down in our homes amidst this lock-down, I am here trying to improve my vocabulary and so I am gonna post those few words in this blog series hoping it helps others as well. These words are mostly picked up from different books I read, pinterest and competition materials as well. Hope you enjoy learning along with me.

The Word Blog Series: