Gadhada I 27 “The earth remains stable and trembles; the stars remain steady in the sky; the rain fall; the sun rises and sets; the moon appears and disappears, waxes and wanes; the vast oceans remain constrained within their boundaries; a drop of liquid develops into a human possessing hands, feet, a nose, ears and […]

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Let me please.

‘You look like a living corpse.’ Wow! That’s some poetry. ‘No, you look like one. It’s the truth.’ She professed the truth. ‘So how does it feel like talking with a living corpse?’ ‘Empty. Vague emptiness that does not settle well. Why do you do this? Why don’t you take care of yourself? Are you […]

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The Characteristic of Affection In the Kariyani-11 section of Vachnamrut, Bhagwan Swaminarayan responds to a question asked by Sachchidanand Swami.The question is: What are the characteristics of a person who has affection for God? To that Bhagwan Swaminarayan replies, “He who has affection for his beloved, God, will never disobey the wishes of his beloved. […]

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