Love is like a train

Love is like a train   Love is like a train So long so vast Sometimes creeping slow Usual very fast   It happened to me From the time eternal I felt it later Transcendental ethereal   The outer world moves The inner world stills We feel in love All goodwill   Here tracks are […]

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My Attitude

My Attitude   When they work on Brain I talk of Soul When they think of Fame I bring the Ultimate Goal When they play the game I say, ‘That’s All.’     Thanks for Reading Gaurav S Kaintura Jai Swaminarayan 30 Oct 2018

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Story of Bharthari

The girl – whom I think about whole day and night, she loves someone else. She wishes for someone else. The boy whom the girl likes wishes for another girl and loves someone else. That another girl loves somebody else and it goes on.  Cursed I am, and the girl whom I love, the boy […]

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