Hum To Ek Sahjanand

Loyalty is very important for the ones we love. If you love them then you must be loyal and if you are loyal, it means you love them in true sense. Similar in our relationship with God we must be loyal to Him and how we can become loyal to God, if we observe His […]

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On God and Guru

The way he walks. The way he talks. The way he sits. The way he eats. The way he smiles. The way he looks. જેને અંગે અંગે શ્રીહરિ પ્રગટ વિરાજે છે। His each action devoted to God and resembles Him. In his presence one feels at home and even sinners get redeemed by his mere […]

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On God and love

I feel like crying. And then I cry. I was younger than 12 years in age when for the first time I heard Haricharan Swami singing this hymn. तुम प्रभु अशरण शरन कहाए। O Lord! You are the home for homeless. जाको कोई नहीं आ जग में ताके हो तुम नाथ सहाय। For one who […]

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Story of Pingala – 2

Satisfaction! This is what I share. This is what I seek. Like everyone I am too a human with this body of flesh and bones. I too have my own desires and demands as well and the one who will fulfill all those will become my lover tonight. But why no one has knocked yet? […]

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