कुछ ख्वाब अधूरे बाकी हैं

I don’t like movies No girl excites me anymore I’m a CS engineer and I still have to learn How to print “Hello” word  In C++ Here I am: ‘आँखों में कहीं नींद नहीं कुछ ख्वाब अधूरे बाकी हैं दिल को भी है चैन कहाँ कई राज अधूरे बाकी हैं अपनों को उम्मीदें हैं हमसे […]

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If There Is

If there is   If there is sky It is to fly If there is land To walk on the sand   If there is day It is for night If there is wrong To conquer by right   If there is pain There is also joy For every shy girl There is a nice […]

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Sunshine Blogger Award

Thanks Shreya Sukrity for the nomination. Let me first introduce Shreya to all of you. She is an amazing blogger, dancer, a good listener and a person with beautiful heart. She writes about creative writing, motivational posts and nice short stories on her blogging world. She also loves to capture few special moments with her camera, […]

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Why me?

Story of Arthur Ashe This Is By Far The Best True Story I Have Ever Read In My Life That Helps Us Understand The Concept Of God In A Better Way.. “Happiness keeps you Sweet.. Trials keep you Strong,… Sorrow keeps you Human.. Failure keeps you humble and Success keeps you glowing . But only […]

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