The Bai…

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This post by ‘ttt’ is the one which gives me chills everytime I read it. It is one my favourite posts and I like it because it painted a reflection of me. Let me explain how…. I was brought up in a spiritual family and I liked spirituality, moral integrity…

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Sant Param Hitkari

  #PSM98 On the 98th Birth Anniversary of my Guruhari Param Pujya Pramukh Swami Maharaj, this is a small tribute to him from my side. Paint color on paper. The Picture on my Hostel-wall Titled ‘Sant Param Hitkari’

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Love is like a train

Love is like a train   Love is like a train So long so vast Sometimes creeping slow Usual very fast   It happened to me From the time eternal I felt it later Transcendental ethereal   The outer world moves The inner world stills We feel in love All goodwill   Here tracks are […]

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My Attitude

My Attitude   When they work on Brain I talk of Soul When they think of Fame I bring the Ultimate Goal When they play the game I say, ‘That’s All.’     Thanks for Reading Gaurav S Kaintura Jai Swaminarayan 30 Oct 2018

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